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We Are AerosolA Passion for Innovation

Clayton Corporation has a passion for creating custom solutions to solve the most difficult of problems.

Vertically Integrated Product Development

Founded in 1945, Clayton Corp created the first aerosol food product with the invention of Reddi-Wip®. Since then, we have pioneered many successful aerosol products. Our creative passion has led to revolutionary product creations in food, polyurethane foam, caulks & silicones, personal care, cosmetic, industrial applications and more.

Reddi-Wip® is a registered trade mark of Con Agra Foods

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Everything But The Can

Clayton Corp is a world leader in aerosol dispensing technology including: valves, covers, actuators, barrier packages and custom solutions. Our state-of-the art facility offers manufacturing capabilities for all components needed for your aerosol solution, except for the can.

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  • Piston

    Barrier Packaging

    • Pistons
    • Bag-on-Valve (Hybrid)
  • Valve

    Custom Valve Solutions

    • For Thin to Thick Fluids
    • Right-side up or Upside Dispensing
    • Spray, Foam or Decorated Dispensing
  • Actuator

    Custom Actuators

    • Decorating
    • Triggers
    • Brushes
    • Spraying
    • Specialized Dispensing Systems
  • Cover

    Custom Covers

    • Tamper Evident
    • Dust

From Start to Finish, We Support You

At Clayton Corp, our focus is to provide you the support needed to develop, design, test and manufacture your next aerosol innovation.
Our complete process for bringing products to market.


1. Concept


2. Research


3. Development


4. Verification


5. Manufacturing


6. Support



Clayton Corporation has the knowledge and capabilities to bring your ideas to life. As a partner, we work directly with our customers to transform their idea into a product by:

  • Defining product requirements
  • Understanding the technical challenges of each product
  • Identifying internal and external resources to launch

By first defining the scope of the project, Clayton reduces the time required to go from concept to product.



Clayton Corporation uses 75 years of expertise in package and valve design along with vast industry contacts in formulation, production and filling to research the product idea and gain an understanding in:

  • Product function and material compatibility
  • Formulation development
  • Product and package design and functionality

By putting the time into research, Clayton and the customer can fully define the product, making the design phase faster and more effective.



Clayton Corporation has the knowledge, equipment and partnership to deliver products.

  • Industrial product designers
  • Product engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Formulation development
  • 3D printing and prototype molding services

Between our in-house capabilities and partnerships, Clayton reduces the time to finalize a design and prepare samples for evaluation.



Fill, Test, Verify. Our pilot filling and testing capabilities allow customers to verify the product's function and make any adjustments rapidly. Clayton's verification capabilities include:

  • Pilot filling facility (food grade and industrial)
  • Physical testing
  • Accelerated aging
  • Microbiological shelf life studies
  • Precision metrology

Having the capabilities to fill and test in-house allows Clayton to assist in determining product, packaging and filling specifications.



One Stop Shop. We are vertically integrated in our manufacturing of aerosol valves and packaging components. The ability to have all aspects of the production involved early delivers low cost solutions with shorter timelines.

  • Statistical process control
  • SQF certified
  • IMS listed
  • High speed camera inspections
  • Pressure testing of valves

With a highly efficient and quality driven production facility, Clayton reduces to the cost to get to market.



Clayton Corporation's involvement doesn't end when the product leaves the dock. This is when our industry-leading support kicks in. Clayton supports it customer in areas including:

  • Filling line support
  • Global warehousing
  • Training
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Inventory stocking flexibility

By partnering with Clayton Corporation, you'll have a partner that helps you get products to market quickly, safely, and effectively. And once your product hits the market our job isn't done. Clayton will work with you to make it a huge success.

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The Possibilities Are Endless.

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