2-Component Dispensing System

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As experts in product development, we at Clayton Corporation created a 2-component dispensing system that provides consistency, accuracy, and reliability for dispensing your product. Our team of engineers leveraged their decades of product development experience to create, test and manufacture this system, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

High Capacity Dispensing Systems

Our 2-Component Dispensing System provides a reliable option for dispensing materials that require mixing in consistent ratios. Polyurethane foam, adhesives, and other viscous applications needing high flow rates are ideally suited for use with this system. We offer this as a cost-effective option to improve your product's performance in the field.

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2-Component Dispensing System Elements

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1. Hoses

Color Coded hoses available in 10, 25 and 50 foot length configurations. Swivel adapters provide increased user mobility.


2. Trigger Lock

Prevents accidental actuation of the dispensing gun and allows the user to depressurize the system at end of use.


3. Handle & Trigger

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand.


4. Shut Off Tips

O-ring shutoffs at the end of each barrel prevent backflow, premature mixing, and leakage.


5. Spray Tip

A static mixer is integrated into each disposable spray tip to ensure the two components are thoroughly mixed. Multiple spray patterns available.

Product Specifications

Modular internal component design to suit your specific application

Usable at pressure up to 300 psi (20.7 bar)

Replaceable spray tips

Designed for stopping and starting

Multiple spray patterns and hose lengths

Cost-effective option


Uniquely Designed

  • Our proprietary dispensing system features internal tip shutoffs to prevent the product from curing between uses.
  • Separate interior channels ensure that the two components will not interact until the point of dispense.
  • Disposable nozzles offer multiple spray patterns and a thorough mixing of the two components every time.
  • A locking mechanism prevents accidental discharge or the ability to "lock on" with the trigger depressed, providing comfort and convenience to the user.
  • 15+ years of proven quality in the field.

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