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Technical Articles & White Papers

Art of Crimping

An in-depth overview of the importance of obtaining proper crimps between the aerosol can and aerosol valve.

Packaging a Food Aerosol

Everything you need to get started on specifying and developing a food aerosol package including overviews of the types of cans, valves, actuators, and more. Also includes helpful information about food safety and quality.

PU Foam Skinning Problem

Causes and suggested remedies to counteract the problem of film formation also known as skinning in one-component polyurethane foam (OCF).

One-Component Foam Gun Collar, Valve, and Basket Fit

A review of some past problems and the current situation of the OCF Dispensing Gun System along with an attempt to provide information and suggestions for eliminating the problems.

EZD Lever Actuator Aerosol Europe Article

Clayton’s patented lever actuator dispensing system makes dispensing fun and easy.

Soft Touch Valve PU Foam Valve - Aerosol Europe Article

An overview of Clayton's new Soft Touch Valve system when used with One-Component Foam (OCF).